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Employment and Wage/Hour Litigation

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We represent people whose employment has been wrongfully terminated or whose rights or wages have been wrongfully denied. The following are typical of the cases we handle in this area:

  • Hick v. King County: Represented deputy sheriff in suit for wrongful discharge
  • Schubeck v. King County: Suit for wrongful discharge and retaliation against female deputy sheriff for reporting workplace violence (settled)
  • Agnello v. Bethlehem Steel: Represented 100 salaried employees in ERISA action challenging reduction of retirement benefits following sale of Bethlehem’s West Seattle plant (settled)
  • Wagg v. Pariseau: Defended mayor in action by police officers for alleged deprivation of civil rights (settled)
  • Buscemi v. UPS: Represented package delivery drivers against United Parcel Service for off-the-clock work and unpaid overtime wages (settled)
  • Beninger v. Safeco: Won jury verdict and judgment for wrongful termination of employment
  • Ellertson v. Parker: Represented terminated employee in wrongful-withholding-of-compensation claim (settled)

We also represent and consult with employers and employees regarding non-compete, trade secrets, and other employment claims and issues. Cases that our attorneys have handled in this area include:

  • Tweddle Group Technologies v. Fishburn – Prosecuted claims against former manager of technology company to enjoin use and disclosure of trade secrets related to automobile infotainment system. Obtained preliminary and permanent injunctive relief.
  • Honeywell v. Maltseff – Defended chief intellectual property counsel of technology company against claims by former employer arising from new employment with competitor. Obtained dismissal of state law claims, resolved remaining injunctive relief claims after fact and expert discovery.
  • Russell Investment Group v. Baggenstos – Prosecuted claims to enjoin alleged misappropriation of trade secrets and breach of fiduciary duty by former employee.