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Business and Intellectual Property Litigation

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We have extensive business litigation experience. We represent clients in disputes over written contracts, oral agreements, sales of companies, sales of securities, sales of goods and services, distributorships, partnerships, joint ventures, and many other types of business transactions.  We also defend attorneys and other professionals against professional liability claims.  The following are some of the cases that our attorneys have resolved or are handling for our clients:

  • Sinnett v. Associated Grocers: Won settlement of disputed claims with principal creditor of grocery chain.
  • Boyd Enterprises v. General Disposal: Won jury verdict and judgment for minority business enterprise garbage subcontractor in unfair business practices suit against prime contractor.
  • Ahlburg v. Frank-Lin Distillers: Obtained defense judgment in action asserting wrongful termination of liquor distributorship.
  • Stan’s Headers v. Tube Works: Obtained judgment for purchaser of defective industrial machine against manufacturer for price of machine, lost profits and court costs.
  • Fields Corp. v. Tarr, Inc.: Obtained judgment for unpaid price of chemicals sold and delivered and won dismissal of counterclaim alleging defective product.
  • Fisheye, Inc. v. Techsonic: Won jury verdict and judgment for seller of underwater camera against corporate buyer for breach of contractual promise to promote camera line and resulting loss of earn-out income.
  • Hydaburg Fisheries v. HCA: Won arbitration award and obtained and collected judgment against tribal corporation for breach of fishery joint venture agreement
  • Café Aroma v. Acorto: Successfully defended against $900,000 claim for alleged wrongful termination of distributor; arbitration panel awarded $5,000 total.
  • Dona Boats v. Thermal Tec: Won settlement for fishing boat owners in action for defective refrigerated sea water chiller systems.
  • Campos & Stratis v. Lucurell: Represented accounting firm in defamation and interference-with-business claim against public insurance adjuster and insurance agent (settled).
  • Fatigati v. The Learning Garden: Successfully defended childcare provider against negligence claims.
  • Tyson v. Stout: Won $1.3 million jury verdict for plaintiff anesthesiologist in trial over defamation and career interference by another physician.
  • May v. Nautilus Seafoods: Won judgment for fish trading company on counterclaim for overpayment of wages, and complete dismissal of plaintiff’s claim, in action by salesman claiming unpaid commissions.
  • Kitsap Physicians Services v. Adams: Won dismissal of $2.5 million claim against chairman of board of directors for alleged breach of fiduciary duty.
  • Vierstra v. Idaho Power Co.: Defended public utility against dairy farmer’s claim for $40 million in damages from alleged stray voltage.
  • Cobalt v. Wattenberg: Secured summary judgment victory for defendant in action challenging his sale of shares in privately held company
  • Marshall v. Seattle Financial Group: Prosecuted claim against bank/mortgage company for failure to honor phantom stock plan obligations to former CFO

Intellectual Property Litigation

We represent clients in trademark and copyright litigation, disputes over patent rights, software licensing and royalty disputes, and trade secret litigation. Cases our attorneys have handled in this area include:

  • Oregon Glass v. Cardinal: Obtained injunction, damages and attorney fees from 3-arbitrator panel in action involving sale of patent rights.
  • Twin Commander v. EFC: Defended suit for misappropriation of trade secrets.
  • Limelight Productions v. UCO: Obtained injunction prohibiting trade dress infringement, leading to settlement.
  • Microsoft v. Vantage: Successfully prosecuted action for declaratory judgment that complex software licensing agreement had not been breached and that royalties were not owing; obtained summary judgment and an award of all attorney fees and costs incurred.
  • Tweddle Group Technologies v. Fishburn: Prosecuted claims against former manager of technology company to enjoin use and disclosure of trade secrets related to automobile infotainment system. Obtained preliminary and permanent injunctive relief.
  • Honeywell v. Maltseff: Defended chief intellectual property counsel of technology company against claims by former employer arising from new employment with competitor. Obtained dismissal of state law claims, resolved remaining injunctive relief claims after fact and expert discovery.
  • Russell Investment Group v. Baggenstos: Prosecuted claims to enjoin alleged misappropriation of trade secrets and breach of fiduciary duty by former employee.
  • Dorland v. Bridges: Obtained summary judgment in prosecution of copyright, commercial and tort claims on behalf of owner of rare photographs of the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull.