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What Our Clients Say

"We send our deep appreciation for your superb representation and for your great presence."

- C. William Bailey, Board Member, Windwatch Homeowners Association

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“The current and past Board Members and the Owners at Riverfront Landing want to send a warm thank-you for nearly four years of work on our construction defects litigation. The net proceeds were distributed to Owners last week, many of whom were pleasantly surprised at the amount of their 'reimbursements.' This was certainly a difficult case, with roadblocks at almost every step.... At times, we were most discouraged. But if you were, you kept it well-hidden from us, even while consistently advising us of the challenges.... We thank you for the many trips to Board and Owner meetings to keep our residents updated and for your hard work over so many months.”

- Riverfront Landing Board of Directors

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"I am usually not at a loss for words, but right now I'm finding it hard to express my gratitude for the exceptional level of integrity and quality of work Tony and his staff have demonstrated on our behalf through this litigation."

- Cathryn Hodl, Treasurer, Heritage Place Condominium Association

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"I would like to personally thank you for your tireless work and efforts on our case. You have been a pleasure to work with and FountainCourt could not have made a better decision in hiring you to represent us. Please feel free to give my name as a reference if you wish in the future to any potential clients."

- Josh Wilson, President, FountainCourt Homeowners Association

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"Thank you so much for your unwavering support of RFL these past 4 years. I have always said that having you stick with us was all I really needed to know. It was my great pleasure to have worked with you. Thanks, again, for everything." 

- Barb Nielsen, President, Riverfront Landing Owners Association

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"Thank you for your commitment to our case and for your help during a time of need."

- Sandra Herrera and Miguel Bocanegra, Homeowners at Rainier Vista Townhomes

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"I can't express enough gratitude for what you have done for us. Your professionalism and expertise deserve more recognition than words can express."
- Jolene Winter, Vice President, Overlook at Juanita Bay Condominium Owners Association

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"Mr. Rafel and his associates are very experienced in this type of litigation. They were thorough, competent, well-prepared, timely in their responses to all parties and always available to the HOA. I would recommend him highly to any condominium association that may be contemplating pursuing a construction defect claim... The amount [recovered] appears to be more than adequate to fund the necessary repairs..."
- Paul Chang, P.E., President, Fujisada Owners Association
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"When we were forced to pursue legal action, we knew that the process would be difficult. Your leadership and attention to the law, legal process, the technical details and the over-riding concepts of the case brought us a successful outcome. More importantly, we knew we could count on your motives, your judgment and your competence without reserve. During a large lawsuit it is often difficult to tell who is on your side. We are thankful that we could count on you, and we encourage others who find themselves in similar difficulty to put you on their team."
- Nancy Rink, President, Fisheye, Inc.
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"Thank you again for the time and effort you have contributed, your assistance is an invaluable contribution to the community."
- Ann Wennerstrom, Intake Specialist, King County Bar Association
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"The Board and homeowners of Seaview Terrace Condominiums would like to thank you for the outstanding service you provided during the last few years while we attempted to reach a settlement on construction defects in our community. We were discouraged many times and appreciated being able to rely on your expertise, knowledge and quick, effective handling of situations that arose during meditation meetings. Your calming influence, logic and straightforward actions were appreciated by all. We feel that this settlement would not have come to a successful conclusion had you not been representing our association. We also had the utmost confidence that you would have effectively presented our case in court had we chosen to take that path."
- Board of Directors, Seaview Terrace Condominiums
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"Your availability and response time to our inquiries have been exemplary. Your willingness to keep us informed and allow us to remain involved has been wonderful. We have greatly appreciated your insight, effort and support."
- Board of Directors, Sundance at Klahanie Condominium Owners Association
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"When we give thanks over our Thanksgiving turkey, we will remember you and the effort you made in getting a successful resolution to our legal action. This is very good news! Please extend our appreciation to your staff as well."
- Jan Wherry, President, Waterford Court Owners Association

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"We are very pleased with your work. I enjoyed walking into court and not being worried."
- Jim Mason, President, Belgrove at Renton Homeowners Association
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"You have spoken and written well as our advocate. I would not hesitate to recommend you professionally to anyone I know."
- Maggie Soderstrom, President, Sundance at Klahanie Condominium Homeowners Association
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"I would like to thank you and your staff for the successful negotiated settlement. Rafel Law Group exercised diligence, integrity and good judgment in pursuit of our claim. Your explanation of the subtleties and complexities of condominium law provided good counsel for the owners association and its Board of Directors."
- Brian H. Roberts, President, Latitude Owners Association
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"The Board interviewed 3 firms and it was a unanimous decision Rafel Law Group's firm would best represent us . . . Mr. Rafel and Mr. Manville were prepared for going to court, in case it went that far. The whole Construction defect process went smooth for the homeowners and through mediation the firm was not only successful in winning our case, but they negotiated a larger settlement than we ever imagined. Our community will be made whole without any special assessments to the homeowners . . . and there will be extra for our reserves."
- Sue Katt, President, Montere Homeowner Association
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"If I was in a position where I needed some legal work done, and I could afford it, I would certainly hire Mr. Rafel . . . [He] upheld the standards, the highest standards of lawyers, in the presentation of the case, did a tremendous job."
- Honorable Liem Tuai (deceased), King County Superior Court Judge
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"I am so pleased with the successful conclusion that you and your team have achieved for us."
- Rudy Gillespie, President, Sjonadal Owners Association
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"Randy and I have been most grateful for your guidance. Charlie did us a very great favor by leading us your way. I am certain we would not have found such a classy, intelligent, calm, capable, unfeathered warrior. We think you are amazing."
- Randy and Kathy Sinnett, Sinnett's Marketplace
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"It was a pleasure to work with you. You made yourself available at all hours and kept things moving at all times. It is fun to work with a lawyer who knows how to negotiate effectively and with finesse."
- Christopher J. Soelling, Mediator
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"I really appreciate all the hard work you are doing and have done for us. I also appreciate your patience, how well you listen to all of our questions, your thoughtful replies and pleasant demeanor."
- Bonnie Nygren, Sjonadal Board of Directors
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"I understand that your legal work was critically important in the City's successful litigation in the Fremont Public Market case. . . . This representation reflects the best virtues of the legal profession, and you and your law firm are to be commended."
- Greg Nickels, Mayor of Seattle
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"You respected the people around you, listened to our input and did what you had to in a timely and organized manner. More importantly, we as a board always were kept up to date and with your guidance were able to make what turned out to be great decisions."
- Alan L. Kramer, Vice-President, Sierra at Klahanie Condominium Owners' Association
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"Please accept our heartfelt gratitude for the ways in which you continue to provide legal counsel. We are the better for it."
- Dr. Mark Henry Miller, Pacific Northwest Conference, United Church of Christ
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"She was bright and savvy about tactics and strategy. She possessed both common sense and a strong intellect. She was confident, but not cocky. She was tenacious and tough, without being abrasive or obnoxious. She would not let herself be pushed around or intimidated . . . . She was also a lot of fun to work with . . . . She is a fine attorney with a very bright future."
- R. Broh Landsman
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"I found the quality of Megan's work to be outstanding; her research was thorough, her briefing was concise and direct . . . . The client . . . was deeply appreciative of Megan's efforts and the quality of her work in the preparation and presentation of the case."
- G. Lance Salladay
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